Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Call of Duty: Mobile is set to receive new weapons and maps in the upcoming Season 13. Amidst reports of Season 13 being delayed, the maps have already been teased as a new version of Nuketown and Raid- Holiday map. The developers have also teased the next season of the game will bring a new assault rifle and an SMG to the game.

According to a leak, the next COD: Mobile update is slated to bring the Peacekeeper AR and the MP7 SMG. The Peacekeeper functional assault rifle has been a part of the Black Ops 4 while the MP7 was previously seen in Modern Warfare.

 Can you guess the weapon!⁣

Coming to #CODMobile in the next season!

— Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile) December 6, 2020

Apart from this, there are reports that the Season 13 Battle Pass of Call of Duty: Mobile has been delayed by four days. The Season 12 was expected to conclude on December 16 but the countdown timer has now been extended by four days and now ends on December 20. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 is now expected to go live on December 21.

 Yet ANOTHER new weapon coming soon!
 Can you guess what it is?

 New functional weapon coming to the next season of #CODMobile!

— Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile) December 7, 2020

The Peacekeeper is a fully automatic assault rifle with a high rate of fire and can be used in close to medium range combats. The MP7, on the other hand, is a submachine gun that is designed for close-quarters combat and has high damage and rate of fire. The Season 13 update for Call of Duty: Mobile should be released within a few weeks with new weapons, skins, characters and more. 

As per reports, the reason for the delay in releasing Season 13 is because Activision wants to run a test build of the game before released it formally for all players. However, the ongoing Season 12 is now expected to conclude by December 20 or December 21. The next season usually begins after 24 hours.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12 is themed ‘Going Dark’ and brings night mode on popular maps including Crash, Summit and Hackney Yard. Two new weapons, an SMG and a Pistol were also added with the Season 12 update. You can read more about the new version of the Nuketown map that is set to arrive with Season 13 update here and about the Raid Holiday map here.

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