Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

It seems like Activision is planning a maybe not reset to Call of Duty: Mobile. Their developers have announced that the next period of the game will not follow lifestyle and will instead reset back to main market square one. So instead of it indeed being called Season 14, it will in preference to be called Season 1 . What actually this means for the game isn’t acknowledged yet. The only information revealed previously mentioned on the Reddit forum is that the football team is preparing a “much larger” update for next week that will integrate an end to Season 13 on top of that an introduction to Season 1 .

The only other piece of advise we have about the next season’s up-date is that we will be getting two the newest brand weapons one will be an episode rifle. As far as the assault gun goes, the devs teased any on Twitter, judging by the teaser, it looks like it will be the FAMAS offensive rifle, or at least something based on things. Details of other rifle are not to identify a known, but the devs may have known us a hint. One of the comments from the post asked the devs if so add a new weapon in the Marksman’s Rifle category, which currently just has one weapon, namely this Kilo Bolt Rifle. The devs note that there was another weapon making their way to the category, and that it would be added “very soon. ” Other Reddit make it possible for suggested that this could be the FAL firearm, but the devs did not confirm or comment on the speculation.

It is not yet clear when the update will drop, in addition considering that the current Season 13 Thwart Pass will end in just over a single week, one can expect it to drop in associated with two weeks. Before that, expect Activision to host some temporary incidences to ring in the new season.

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