The Akimbo perk all over Call of Duty: Mobile has your dog’s fair share of critics, for good reason. To recall, the perk allows users to dual-wield certain weapons. The weapon perk was first introduced with the Fennec SMG and was later added to the. 50GS pistol. Now though, the Season 4 leaks claim that a new weapon widget the perk, the Chopper LMG.

YouTuber, DogeBeanie posted a video where that he shows the weapon being used on the Rust map. In its current state, the weapon seems incomplete since the audio and reload animations seem broken. It should also be noted that the weapons in the video have a flame aura around them, this implies that there might be a new legendary LMG added to the game

With the Akimbo perk equipped, the player is only going to be able to hip-fire and the reload speed is drastically reduced. On the upside, the weapon’s firepower is doubled. This may seem like a reasonable enough trade-off on paper, however the reality isn’t that straightforward. Back when it launched, the Akimbo Fennec was the absolute most metal weapon in the overall game as it should cut down enemies in an instant. It was so overpowered that the developers had to nerf the weapon down to the bone to be able to balance it. However , the. 50 GS pistol followed that that weapon is powerful enough for players to use it as their primary weapon. As such, there’s some apprehension over this news. With an Akimbo Chopper LMG, players will get to dual-wield a weapon with high damage, a large magazine, and a decent rate of fire. Hopefully, Call of Duty: Mobile will make sure that even with the perk, the weapon remains balanced.

Speaking of weapon balancing. The developers of Call of Duty: Mobile have announced that they will be bringing some major weapon rebalancing patches just before the growing season 4 update. The move is designed to highlight the key facets of each weapon category. It is possible to learn more about that here.

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