Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Activision has revealed part of the changes and fixes it has developers put into the game following on from the release of Season double Day of Reckoning revision. The changes include discussions across weapon rebalancing, Hardpoint breed changes, and the fixing within the infamous Predator Skin blemish.

Call of Duty: Mobile with changes

Call of Duty: Cell phone developers note that weapon levelling has been one of the ‘hottest topics’ over the past week. Activision observe that while there have already been some at all times made to address the issue, the particular teams are discussing many choices for future updates.

The developers potentially revealed that while players in the main disliked the initial changes to Hardpoint spawning, the latest changes are almost always more favourable. The agents also noted that they will wind up being keeping an eye on discussions and see when there are any continued difficulties.

As far as complaints about screen shake/recoil changes in order to, Activision notes that they have about trying to narrow it to go and understand if this was evaluations or a bug. Regardless, finally, the developers have shared items regarding the same with their number. They hope that the salesforce will be able to better understand and consequently address the mixed notion about the same.

Activision has also talked about the recovery of accounts. The designers have advised players to be able to opt for two-factor authentication anytime you can. For accounts that have been at present compromised, the developers imply reaching out for support on the Facebook or ATVI Endure for COD accounts, and so on

Call of Duty: Mobile exactly why bugs

Activision offers addressed some of the bugs pointing toward the game. The most notable being some of the Phantom Skin glitch why caused players with the dermis to not be rendered hanging around. IN order words, players even though skin would be invisible to actually everyone else. The developers use listed all the bugs most have identified and note that particular long-term issues like pornographic screen issues of desync haven’t been included. Checklist has been divided into three chambre. This includes bugs that have been installed, bugs with a fix signed to release soon, and insects that are still under search.

Fix For purchase

Invisible Phantom Fascia (thanks for the quick news that led to an expedient fix)
Fast Movement Glitch/Exploit
Ghost – Jawbone Cpe
Avatar Reset to Normal Button Not Displayed
Jagged SPR Ironsights
Random Passing Cries Heard in BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK
Karambit – Ruptured Tough steel Not Appearing In-Game

Fix Scheduled

Quite a number of Audio Issues with Operators
Loot Rarely Not Spawning while in BR
Store – Cutting edge Item Notifications

Less Investigation

Unable to Convert Weapons After Using a Defend Turret
Unable to Heal Appropriate Killing an Enemy Working with Last Stand
Doorway Impediment in Highrise
Lucky Barrier (Ads) Missing For Some Poker players

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