Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

With the festival of Holi just around the corner, Call of Duty: Mobile has introduced a new Holi Offer. The offer gives players 30 COD Points and one High Class Crate for Rs 29. The offer is valid till the end of the month. 

Call of Duty: Mobile has introduced a new Holi Offer

High Class Crate in Call of Duty: Mobile Holi Offer

It should be noted that the High Class Crate does not contain any new characters or Epic Weapon blueprints. Instead, the crate seems to have a focus on the Battle Royale mode with a greater concentration of vehicle skins, wingsuits and class skins. 

There are six Epic items that players can get aside from a number of other common and uncommon items. This includes:

ORV – Posh
Antelope A20 – Post
Boat – Posh
Tank – Posh
Motorcycle – Posh
Spray – Skull Beret

It is not yet known if Activision plans to introduce any other events, items or offers to celebrate Holi. Having a special event to celebrate occasions is nothing new. The most recent example was Valentine’s Day during which the developers released the Valentine’s Day crate and bundle. Since this was related to the festival of love, players could unlock some pink-liveried skins for vehicles, weapons and items.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 Day of Reckoning update

For now, it seems like Activision is more focused on its new Season 2 ‘Day of Reckoning’ update for Call of Duty: Mobile. The update rolled out last week and added a bunch of new features and items. This includes two new weapons, namely the AS VAL marksman rifle and the SP-R 208 marksman rifle. It should be noted that the AS VAL is already available for all players upon reaching Tier  21 of the free Battle Pass. The SP-R 208 will release sometime later, probably via a Seasonal Challenge. The game already has received the new Shoot House map, and should get the modern version of the Shipment later. As if this wasn’t enough, players can also earn the new Napalm score streak by reaching Tier 14 of the free Battle Pass. 

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