Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

The first big update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is here, and it includes changes to zombie mode and competitive mode with the addition of new weapons, maps, and modes.

There are three new maps are coming this season, and they’ll all have a 6v6 setup. You will see the Pines map, which is set in a 1980s New Jersey’s mall. We’ve also got a map from the fan-favourite Black Ops II, namely Raid, and finally we also have Nuketown 84 Holiday, a festive-themed map for the holiday season. 

Season 1 also includes two new weapons which can be unlocked for free by playing the game. These are the Mac-10, which is a compact SMG that can be unlocked by reaching tier 15 in the free pass and Gorza, can be unlocked by reaching tier 31 of the Battle Pass. The new modes include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s gunfight 2v2 mode and Jingle Hells which is a new mode for zombie maps in the game.

For more detailed information on the updates, you can check the patch notes here.

COD: Black Ops Cold War New Update

Coming to Warzone, this has been one of the most anticipated and biggest updates yet. The game gets a new map, a new arsenal, and a few changes to Verdansk as well. 

The new map is called Rebirth Island and is a small and more intense battle royal. Essentially, the map is based on a Soviet weapons manufacturing plant and is filled with buildings, factories, and small avenues. The map will feature 40 players in a session, given the small size of the map.

Moving on to the weapons, Warzone gets 29 new weapons from the Cold War and players should be able to use all of these weapons and earn progress, which will be available in all game modes. Verdansk is also getting a few changes, majorly in the Gulag. The new map is based on Nuketown from Black Ops, albeit in a smaller region.

Warzone can now be accessed from both the Cold War and Modern Warfare menus.

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