?call of duty? 2021 has popped on the database of Activision’s launcher battle. net which includes a codename – “Slipstream”.

Call of Duty 2021 will supposedly be a sequel to the 2017 – Call of Duty World War II. These leaks were spotted on Helba – the maker behind BlizzTrack. BlizzTrack frequently website dedicated to calalouging all library and store update messages from Battle. net.

As showcased by his unfair tweet:

#CallofDuty psychological logo that was slated the right along side Call of Duty 2021 holdings in pic. tweet. com/cjxK7eOMC2

— Helba (@Helba_The_AI) June 30, 2021

Several trademarks of Slipstream have jumped up on the launcher’s repository. The main conformation to this crack is that all of the logos really are styled in a World War II conduct. Slipstream is seeing just about every day updates on battle. bring in. Sometimes, those updates turn up under the name of “Fore” and frequently they’re just blatantly often called “COD2021”.

People are estimating the reason behind these files really showing up on the battle. splitting server. One reason might just be its devs getting creative while uploading their work on a new battle. net servers it’s poker room since they’re working from home. Recognize might be that the game open for alpha/beta phase and has already released to very few somebody for testing.

By right now, Activision has not uncovered a new Call of Duty game truthfully has confirmed that they will make it later this year.

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