Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Government-owned telecom operator, BSNL, has announced an improved variants of its PV1999 plan. This plan of action sees an extension in quality as well as some new entertainment elements like complimentary subscription purchase OTT services.

BSNL PV1999 plans details

As the name would suggest, the particular BSNL PV1999 plan costs Rs 1, 999. Ahead of time, the plan offered validity to 365 days. However , the elevated version of the PV1999 policy adds 30 days. So men and women will get a total validity together with 395 days.

Besides this, subscribers also get access to EROS Now Movie theater and BSNL Tunes meant for 395 days. They will also procure Lokdhun Content for over 8 weeks. All this is aside from illimited called, 2GB data/day, and as well 100 SMS/day. It should be noted that even the plan initially offered 3GB data per day, it was chop to 2GB at the start together with February 2021.

Back in December, BSNL rolled out three new pre-paid plans in India. In this included the Rs 199 plan, the Rs 798 plan and Rs 777777777****** plan. The Rs 199 is aimed at those that may not want to spend a lot and is also focused at attracting customers that are restricted onto competing telecom professional. The Rs 798 insurance plan is for those that need a a number of different calling and data so the Rs 999 plan keeps those that want the best.

Rs 199 Plan

The Rs 199 postpaid plan brings with it “unlimited on-net voice calling, more than 200 off-net minutes”. Users buy 100 SMS limit each. For your data needs the routine has 25GB of data owning a maximum rollover of 75GB. If you exhaust the schwellenwert, you will be charged Rs 13. 24 per GB.

Rs 798 plan

The Rs 798 postpaid plan, users get unrestricted voice calling to any remaining and a limit of hundra SMS per day. For history, users get 50GB every week with data rollover as much as 150GB. With this plan, owners can also get up to two ancestry connections with unlimited approach, 50GB data and a hundred SMS’ per day. This is for every family member.

Rs 199 plan

The Rs 999 plan offers limitless voice calling to any circle along with 100 SMS’ every. For data, the plan sells 75GB data with skidding up to 225GB. For the house connection with this plan, each member takes unlimited voice, 75GB depending on and 100 SMSes a day. The limit for this product is up to three family members.

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