Brendan Greene has recently left the company that he created – PUBG Corp. and has moved on to starting a new game studio based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Back in 2019, Brendan shared a mysterious teaser for an upcoming project ‘Prologue’. He has revealed more about ‘Prologue’ and his future plans in a teaser video and an interview with EuroGamer.

Brendan recently tweeted about the game, sharing a brief glimpse of the game and his thoughts on it. He explained that “I’ve held this deep fascination with sandbox-style open-world games and the freedom they give their players but I always just wished they were a bit bigger, so that’s our mission as a studio – we want to create realistic sandbox worlds on a scale that’s seldom attempted.”



In the 5 minutes long video, Greene basically says that he wants to create an open world game where all the game’s assets and textures are created by a neural network at run time i.e. whenever you press play. All of this ultimately brings us to Prologue. Greene had released a teaser trailer for it about a year ago but it did not gain much traction then.

Now, the game is being taken over by PlayerUnknown Productions – Greene’s new game studio and according to Greene, in the game, “There will be no guidance, no path for you to follow, just a world, a spot on the map to reach and the tools needed to get there.”

As of now, there is no official release date to Prologue as Greene says that it is a “first step on a multi-year journey towards creating what we hope will be rich and interactive open worlds” but we will get more details about the game soon.

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