Google is continuously updating Google Workspace regularly, and this time, Gmail for Android gets an improved search feature. Previously we saw the addition of Chat and Spaces along with the change in the UI as well. This time, Google is adding a search filter, which can be used by tapping the search box and can appear just below it. The goal is to allow users to quickly filter email search results on the mobile devices. It will help you find a particular email or information in line with the filter selected from the drop-down list. It will either consist of the name of the sender or the timeframe of receiving the e-mail. You can select a single sender or multiple senders at any given time.

Gmail Search Filter Update: Rollout and Availability gong1deng

Gmail Search Filter Update: Rollout and Availability

gong0deng Google announced this feature via the Google Workspace Updates blog. This update has begun to roll out from 20th September and you will be available to all the users at the end of October. It will be appropriate all Google Workspace prospective buyers, as well as G Suite Crucial and Business customers. gong1deng

Google Personal results ring setting for Search on Android

gong0deng Not too, 9to5Google spotted the addition of Home results setting on the Search App for Android. This important update will be controlling customized results on Search. Followers can turn on or going these settings by following the way Settings > Man or women Results on the Google request homepage. It will allow persons to disable or give this option via the app, which enables you to allow Google to use your membership data for personalised ultimate.

Google Home results setting for Look up Android

This feature will include:

Autocomplete predictions based on your search record
Results based on your account computer file like your location, dates because reminders
Personalised results produced from your regular Google pursuits like what to eat, places to visit, and so on

Source Video: Matt cutts from google Workspace

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