It was the year of 2012, when bitcoin was still growing, that a bitcoin wallet saw its rise. It received 616 bitcoins on December 10, 2012. At that time, each bitcoin was valued at around $ 13.30 that is roughly Rs 980 thus taking the value of the 616 bitcoins in that account to $ 8,195, roughly Rs 6 Lakhs, back then.

Since then, the account is almost dormant and has made negligible transactions for almost 9 years, until now. But, this wallet moved the bitcoins to another account on September 19 this year. With the current value of bitcoin, the transaction was valued at USD 29.40 million, around Rs 216 Crores. The account made a whopping profit of 358,655 percent!

This phenomenal growth in the value of bitcoin, made this account a Whale. According to a report by, after this transaction the account has a value of $ 25 only. 

Bitcoin Wallet wakes up after 9 Years to show how it’s value went from Rs. 6 Lakhs to Rs. 216 Crores

In 2012, Bitcoin was a very new idea and not many knew about it nor trusted it. Gradually, with time, people figured out how it all worked and thus its value increased. Early investors who took the risk by accumulating bitcoins, are now sitting on the top of a goldmine and have questionable control over the market. It also shows us that long term investments pay for those who remain patient in this industry, despite its highly volatile nature. 

Whopping Profit by Bitcoin Whales, not for the first time !

This incident is not one of its kind. There are many other incidents in which such whale accounts have made such a huge profit. A twitter account named Whale Alert, tracks such transactions by whale accounts and reports it out on twitter. 

In July this year, another account woke up after 9 years with 791 bitcoins worth Rs 250 Crore. 

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