Samsung Electronics today announced a partnership with a few of the world’s most renowned filmmakers to encourage everyone to leave their creativity run absolutely with Galaxy.


Capturing Magic #withGalaxy

To kick off the exact campaign, world-renowned director Dude Wright known for Pride and Prejudice and Atonement worked with Samsung to create Princess & Peppernose , the tale of a princess or queen in search of love who ignores convention to pursue what she desires. The heartwarming play uses puppetry and live-action choreography to tell a unique adventure captured entirely with a Universe S21 Ultra 5G touch screen phone.



“My parents ran and built the first dedicated puppet show in the UK, and I thought i thought this was the perfect opportunity to get back to an all roots, ” Wright rumoured. “What surprised me the most throughout this process was how easy and quick it was to get right within and be present with the archetypes and the story. The digital is always ready, and all you decide to do is point and make. ”



During the innovation of Racing & Peppernose, Wright and his crew resulted in full advantage of the Universe S21 Ultra’s 13mm Ultra-Wide lens to capture the full monitor of every scene.



“We chose to adopt the wider lens, one particular we’d never done ahead of, ” a cinematographer exclaimed. “Moving in for close-ups for the same lens we employed for wider shots gave the type of film a very specific appearance and feel, a kind of ghostly, hallucinatory outstanding and took us back once again to the times shooting with a Super8. ”

Fans can find the state trailer of the film also: .


Celebrating Stories By Around the World, Filmed #withGalaxy

Subsequent to Wright’s film, Samsung probably will release additional Filmed #withGalaxy stories from respected administrators around the world, including China’s new director Sha Mo, praised for Completely love Will Tear Us Separately and My Huckleberry Friends .


Sha Mo used the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G to capture video for his new movies Kids ture of Paradise , a graceful look at conflicts between adolescents in a small school by the country side. To capture the story, Sha Mo relied on Director’s Manner of the Galaxy S21 Especially to record three a particular shots at once for an perceptive, almost professional-like filming adventure.


“Working with Good samsung, I discovered that anyone with the right desire to express themselves or share a story already has the infrastructure needed in their hand, ” Sha Mo said. “The Galaxy S21 Ultra given me to capture angles in addition to the movements that I simply kaint get with a larger web camera. Once I started recording, I was so excited to get the story and the characters, i really almost forgot I was taking with a mobile device and those ideas just kept generating. ”


Princess & Peppernose and therefore Kids akin to Paradise are unveiled at the Busan Crucial Film Festival (BIFF) within October.


“Filming is one of the most powerful storytelling specialist tools, and one of the best ways to connect mentally with your audience, ” pointed out Stephanie Choi, Head of promoting for Useful Electronics’ Mobile Communications Commercial. “With this course, we want to show people that these types of really don’t need like studio equipment or amazing budgets to create amazing motion pictures — all they need is a little inspiration and the Galaxy device learn pocket. ”


Stay tuned in for more exciting content due to some of the world’s best filmmakers and learn how to use these same suggestions to get your own story out in the open.

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