Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

A known Apple insider that also goes by the alias, Mr Clea, has tweeted out a few the specifics of the upcoming AirPods Pro – Going by Mr. White’s early leaks, that have been relatively accurate, the present leak seems to suggest that the new wearables/hearables from Apple might be offered in every day different sizes.

Apple AirPods internals

The shared images demonstrate internal hardware of AirPods Premium and Pro 2, and we could see that there are two different pieces of electronics. They do look similar and risk function similarly too, but presented in different sizes.

AirPods vs AirPods 2

The other standing shows it being compared to the home improvement 123 generation of AirPods Pro, these on the left side (image above) are originating from a new AirPods while the seemingly schwarze cables on the right are the old AirPods. As per the images and Mr. White, it seems that one pair possibly will come in a standard size while the other sorts of could be a little larger.

As per previous rumours shared just Bloomberg and MacRumours, the second creating of AirPods Pro should obtainable a more compact and rounded mannequin which would remove the stem that current-gen AirPods Pro offer.

Other rumours have hinted about the Apple AirPods Pro 2 transmitting with a newer chip, but as verso Mr White’s tweet, it seems that the brand design might still come with a W2 chip in them. Unfortunately, lots of reports have not been confirmed, use take this news with a grain of all salt.

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