Alienware’s laptops are known for continue to keep hardcore focus on gaming and gratification. As such, the company usually drives clear of the thin-and-light collection where performance is usually sacrificed in order to save weight and reduce stodginess. However , it looks like things are correct now changing with the announcement around the Alienware X15.

Alienware X15 Features & Principles

Alienware X15

We have been seeing two configurations created by the X15, both of which are women 15. 9mm thick. That has become thin by Alienware’s homogeneous as pretty much all the Alienware laptops so far measure encompassing 20mm in thickness. The Alienware m15, for instance, measures 12. 1mm.

Regardless of the odd relatively thin build, it appears as if the laptop will still be the capable machine. The laptop you are buying can be configured with nearly an IntelCore i9-11900H model, an RTX 3080 GRAPHICS CARD configured with 110W restrict graphics power, up to 32 GIG RAM, and a 2TB NVMe M. 2 SSD accompanied by maximum of 4TB of twice storage supported via REZZOU 0.

Available for display, you can either calibrate it to come with a merely. 6-inch FHD panel by a 165Hz refresh rate, 3ms response time, and up to positively 300 nits of perfection, or go all in and achieve a 400-nit QHD G-Sync panel with a 240Hz recharge rate, 2ms response amount of time, and 99% coverage method DCI-P3 color gamut.

The Alienware X15 packs an 87Whr energy and it can weigh up to repayments 3Kgs depending on the specs. That is not too bad for an Alienware coffee machine, and it’s good to see the network} putting in efforts to make a small gaming laptop. We plainly hope Alienware’s Quad Fanatic and the new “Element 2 thermal interface material” can keep the thermals in check.

Alienware X17 Features and all about Specifications

Alienware X17

If you don’t mind using a larger laptop, then there’s Alienware x17 for you. You get a seventeen-year-old. 3-inch screen that can be designed to have a 500-nit 4K carry with a 120Hz refresh percentage rate and 4ms response a chance. For the processor, you can range in price up to an Intel Core i9-11900HK with up to 64GB of most XMP RAM clocked of 3, 466MHz.

GPU options with this laptop computer can be configured to have bigger max graphics power because of bigger chassis. For instance, in reality an RTX 3060 regarding laptop can have 130W fullest graphics power instead of 90W on the X15 laptop. You configure the X17 used RTX 3080 with 16GB VRAM and 165W greatest graphics power at a achieve clock speed of 1, 710MHz.

Both lap tops will have a 720p Microsoft windows pc Hello compatible webcam and thus Alienware’s X-series keyboard now with per-key RGB lighting. This X17 can be purchased with Alienware’s Cherry MX ultra-low-profile mechanized switches. Last, but not at a minimum, both machines will be available ınside the “Lunar Light” colorway that will looks pretty neat from decent cupholders that we all have seen so far.

Alienware X15, X17 Video gaming Laptops: Pricing & Provision

Alienware has marketed both laptops in the US and are now available to buy. The Alienware X15 starts at $1, 999 for the base style, which roughly translates to around Rs 1 . 46 lakh. The Alienware X17 can cost you $2, 099 for the pillar, column, joist, bracket variant which is about Rs 1 . 58 lakhs. The values will, of course , go up from that country depending on the configuration. As of now, there’s really no word about the availability of individuals laptops in the Indian consumer, but we’ll keep you placed about the same.

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