The Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021 sale offers you a chance to fill your home with the latest gadgets and home appliances. Now you can get the best deals on the burner induction cooktop and get exciting discounts and cashback. Check out the best deals on Amazon 2021 sale. The e-commerce giant has also tied up with HDFC bank to bring customers additional discounts and cash backs. 
Here are the induction cooktop deals on Amazon India.

Lifelong 2000W Inferno Induction Cooktop

Price- Rs 7,500.00
Deal Price- Rs 2,537.00

Lifelong 2000W Cooktop comes with a 1-year product warranty from the date of purchase. It is a powerful Induction cooktop of 2000 watts. It comes with 7 Pre-set Indian Menus with additional manual control. The cooktop comes with a cookware set that is completely non-stick and has an induction bottom. The Kadhai in the set comes with a lid. It is one of the best offerings available on Amazon India. View deal here. 

Pigeon Acer Plus 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

Price- Rs 3,595.00
Deal Price- Rs 1,299.00

Pigeon Acer Plus 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop has a feather touch control. It has 1800-Watt Power Consumption and provides 35% energy savings compared to LPG Cooking. The cooktop has a Pre-set timer with an auto switch off. It comes with 8 Menus pre-installed and has an LED display for temperature indication. The Smart timer allows hands-free cooking. It is ideal for making dosas, rotis, deep fry, idlis, heating milk, making curry, and much more. The gadget comes with high-grade electrical that protects against short circuits. It has a superior-top plate that can stand very high temperatures. View deal here. 

Prestige Induction Cooktop Pic 6.1 V3 2200 Watts

Price- Rs 4,995.00
Deal Price- Rs 2,990.00

Prestige Induction Cooktop has 2000 watts of power. It has an automatic Whistle Counter and an Automatic Keep Warm Function. The cooktop has a built-in Indian Menu and has Dual Heat Sensors. The gadget comes with an Automatic Voltage Regulator and has an Anti-Magnetic Wall. It has a 1 Year warranty. Prestige is one of the most trusted brands in India and offers quality products at affordable prices. View deal here. 

Pigeon Cruise 1800-watt Induction Cooktop

Price- Rs 3,193.00
Deal Price- Rs 1,098.00

Pigeon Cruise Induction Cooktop comes with powerful features. It has a 7 segments LED display for power and temperature control. It is made with high-grade electrical that protects against short circuits. The cooktop has superior top plate cans with-stand very high temperatures which makes it very durable. The gadget comes with a smart timer for hands-free cooking. It has a Pre-set timer and auto-switch off. The cooktop has a soft push button and uses 93-per cent energy-saving technology. View deal here. 

Prestige PIC 20 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop

Price- Rs 2,895.00
Deal Price- Rs 1,749.00

Prestige PIC 20 1600-Watt Induction cooktop is a great addition to Indian kitchens. The product ensures fast cooking and comes with pre-set Indian menu options. It has an Aerodynamic cooling system and Automatic voltage regulator that saves power and your electricity bill. The cooktop has a stylish design and comes with powerful features. Amazon India offers the best deals on Prestige cooktops. View deal here. 

Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

Price- Rs 4,420.00
Deal Price- Rs 2,799.00

Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooktop comes with a Press cooking mode button after you press the ON-OFF button. In case the cooking mode button is not pressed within one minute, the induction cooker will switch off automatically. It is one of the best cooktop models by Philips. Amazon India is offering the best prices during the Amazon India 2021 sale on Philips’s cooktops. View deal here. 

Prestige PIC 16.0+ 1900- Watt Induction Cooktop

Price- Rs 3,295.00
Deal Price- Rs 2,230.0

Prestige PIC 16.0+ 1900- Watt Induction Cooktop with Push button (Black) is one of the best cooktops by Prestige. The device takes care of voltage variance and ensures durability & better performance. It is very compact and easy to take with you to the hostel or on vacation. The cooktop comes with automatic power and temperature adjustment for different foods. It is one of the best products on Amazon India. View deal here. 

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