Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021 sale is here and brings amazing deals on home healthcare products. Buy blood circulation pressure monitors from Amazon India to keep a check on your quality of life at home. Amazon India in addition has tied up with Citi Bank to bring you additional discounts on your purchases. View the most effective deals on blood pressure monitors during the Amazon Sale 2021.

Here are the top deals on blood pressure monitors.

Omron HEM 7124 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Price – Rs 2, 310. 00
Deal Price – Rs 2, 049. 00

Omron HEM 7124 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor offers accurate readings which makes it a must-have blood pressure monitor in your home for elderly and BP patients. It guarantees accurate readings and gives quick and accurate results with just the touch of one button. The blood pressure monitor has a integrated hypertension indicator. It features a 1-Touch easy operation that allows blood pressure monitoring that is both simple and accurate. It has a comfortable arm press feature with IntelliSense technology. Check bp monitor price amazon. View deal here.

Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Comfort Digital Blood Pressure

Price – Rs 1, 865. 00
Deal Price – Rs 1, 249. 00

Dr Trust measures the blood circulation pressure accurately with the powerful MDI technology. This bp monitor gives quick and accurate results without putting too much pressure on the arm. The LCD shows the readings in Black colour digits for easy reading. It shows the systolic, diastolic, pulse with date, and time. The BP monitor alerts you to arrhythmia conditions when your BP is being measured. The monitor allows you to store 120 readings per user. Check the best deals on bp monitor. View deal here.

Dr Morepen Bp02 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Price – Rs 1, 455. 00
Deal Price – Rs 989. 00

Dr Morepen BP 02 is a fully automatic, digital blood pressure monitor which can be very lightweight. The monitor works on 4 AAA Batteries. It has a High-Low Classification Indicator and shows the averages of the past 3 readings. The monitor can record up to 120 readings. It also alerts one to irregular heartbeats. The monitor has a user Interface for 2 Users and has a Comfort Inflation Technology. Check bp machine price on Amazon India. View deal here.

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure monitor

Price – Rs 2, 330. 00
Deal Price – Rs 2, 099. 00

Omron HEM 7120 Blood circulation pressure Monitor works on the oscillometric principle for exact measurements and accurate results. It measures your blood circulation pressure and pulse rate with a simple one-touch operation. The blood pressure monitor uses its advanced IntelliSense technology to provide the most accurate readings. The blood pressure monitor comes with a 36 months warranty and lifetime support. It is one of the best bp monitor in India. View deal here.

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