Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Google has announced a bunch of changes to the Programmer Program Policy for the manufacturers distributing apps through the Game Store. The company is reducing most developers from encountering which Android apps they covered your device. This definitely seems to be a part of Google’s ongoing give good results to restrict the use of high-risk/sensitive accord.

Google is simply limiting what apps can implement the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission that most “gives visibility into the list of installed apps within the given device. ” Involving policy applies to all application programs that target API 30+ to devices running Android 10 and newer.

Google Play Store

“Play regards the device inventory involved with installed apps queried with a user’s device as very own and sensitive information, as use of the permission is only allowed to when your app’s core user-facing functionality or purpose, uses broad visibility into assembled apps on the user’s item, ” Google’s support web post says.

Right now, only a limited number of products can continue to use the permission to discover other installed apps. These folks include device search, antivirus protection, file managers, and internet browsers. The developers have also been requested to “sufficiently justify for what reason a less intrusive way in which to app visibility will not enough enable your app’s life insurance policy compliant user facing bone functionality. ”

Google is also granting meanwhile exceptions to dedicated savings and digital wallet application programs so that they can see the installed tabs primarily for security reasons behind. Additionally , Google has also available some invalid use law suits which include instances such as the moment data is required for the purpose of giudizio or use of the permission will not directly related to the nucleus purpose of the app.

We think this is a super move by Google to be able to harder for apps to monitor what apps are installed on that device. This will hopefully withhold a lot of malicious apps and then target advertisements at bay cause they no longer have that accord.

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